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Wendy L., Fort Worth, TX

Be sure to keep in mind that shortly after getting the home building project underway, Wendy and Andrew had an even bigger project of their own... the birth of their precious twins! So not only are they building their dream home, they're building their family as they and their older two sons welcome the twins into the fold!

A recent post on our OBN Facebook: There is no doubt it has been a challenge this summer "attempting" to build our custom home with the help of Owner Builder while I have spent the summer home with 4 kiddos. But, I absolutely have fallen in love with the process including organizing a plethora of details, acquiring bids, meeting new people, making phone call after phone call and LEARNING a ton of new things. Who knew I would understand water well & septic stuff, tongue & groove, trusses, decking, cornice, piers, form boards, t-poles, low voltage wiring, roughing-in & soooo much more. Thanks to the former clients of Owner Builder Network – the Jordan family – for your awesome advice, encouragement and support. We are digging this crazy insane custom home building process.

Wendy L., Fort Worth, TX